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Our Team

Alan CaineCo-founder

As Co-founder, Alan is the behind the scenes guy. He is responsible for Custom College Visits' technology (website, Zoom webinars) as well as marketing and business development outreach. Throughout the 10-year history of Custom College Visits, Alan has been the one to bounce ideas off of, to proofread, and to do the driving to many, many colleges that he and Janice have visited. Alan also created the website: https://collegesopenfortours.com. For the second year, Alan is a mentor for a high school student as part of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!).

One of Alan’s favorite college visits …

"One of my favorite college visits was the one I took with Brittany to Muhlenberg College. I had picked Brittany up from a summer theater program at Vassar and Janice had scheduled college visits around the tri-state area. After a tour and information session, we spent over an hour with the director of the theatre department. Besides giving us a backstage tour and making some introductions, he sat with us in the theater and spoke for about 45 minutes. Although Brittany ended up at Smith, I think the visit gave her a deeper sense of what was possible to learn and experience as a theatre major. "


Alacrity Travel & Lifestyle has been collaborating with Janice and Alan Caine at Custom College Visits since 2016 to plan seamless college tours for students and their parents. Kirsten Danekind, the founder of Alacrity Travel and Lifestyle, is a certified travel and lifestyle concierge with over 30 years of experience helping clients maximize their enjoyment while minimizing their stress. She and her team bring professional expertise, expansive knowledge and premier affiliations to personalize each college tour experience.

Once Janice has established the travel route and made the initial on-campus arrangements, she shares each comprehensive itinerary with Kirsten. Kirsten then coordinates and books the off-campus details and logistics – including flights, accommodations, transportation, sightseeing and dining experiences – to, from, and in the college cities and towns, while Janice works to arrange on-campus meetings and activities. Kirsten will get to know you to explore the details of your travel interests, specific lifestyle needs and more during your initial consultation. She will stay in constant communication with Janice throughout the process, so every detail is considered.

Kirsten and Neil, her husband and business partner, have two daughters who have navigated college life. Their youngest is currently acquiring a pre-med degree at Colorado State University.

They enjoy traveling with their family, hiking, exploring, boating, snorkeling, going to museums and art galleries, exercising, the spa, and sampling culinary delights.


Diane has worked with Janice Caine for over 20 years, the past ten years with Custom College Visits. Throughout the years, she has researched hundreds of universities, and visited many of them, in order to get a strong understanding of the type of student that thrives in each school. This includes speaking with professors in numerous departments, meeting with admissions teams and creating connections with students on campus.

With this knowledge, she has helped Janice develop balanced lists for each one of Custom College Visits’ students. Once the initial list of schools is determined, or sometimes after the results are in, she helps create itineraries so students and parents can visit as many schools as they want in a structured and timely manner.

For many of these students, the relationship that is created lasts beyond the application process. She loves hearing from them once they are on campus and again after they graduate.

Diane is based in Southern California, but has worked with students from around the world. She has been married for over 30 years and has three grown boys. Two have graduated from college; one from The Ohio State University and the other from the University of Rochester. The youngest is a freshman at Purdue University.